“How soon do I really have to move out of my home?” This is the question most first time home sellers ask.

Often times when we successfully go through the home selling and escrow process, the seller will wonder when is the absolute last day they have to move out of the house. It is convenient for a buyer to be able to coordinate everything with the seller concerning their moving day and that is something we, as realtors, along with a seller try to put into careful consideration when we're also accepting an offer.

Typically, if you’re the seller, your home is going to be on the market anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or months depending on the market. In that length of time, it can be anywhere from maybe a couple of days of to a couple weeks to get that offer and then once your home has accepted an offer, you are already in escrow! Most offers are going to take about thirty to forty-five days from the time of accepting that offer to the time you need to move out and turn over keys. Now the end of that thirty forty-five day escrow period is when you're going to be giving the keys to your house over to the buyer, the new homeowner, and that's when you need to vacate the property and have all of your belongings packed up and transported to a new location or middle ground you plan to stay at.

One main item you can do in advance is to negotiate a rent back period when you are reviewing offers. This will allow you to stay in the home longer if you are needing the time to move or if you're looking for another home and you need to sell your home in between. This can be negotiable, however, it's not always guaranteed. When you're looking at selling your home, if you're not going to be moving for quite some time, you may want to line up the selling of your property a little bit closer to the date of your purchase just so the timing goes a little bit smoother. You can try to negotiate a rent back or a longer escrow but that's not always the case so make sure that you're keeping these things in mind and always playing it smart with your next move.