“What's going to happen to my home?!" A lot of home sellers often do not understand what’s going to happen during the inspections period of their Escrow period. Once you have an offer accepted, generally speaking, the buyer is going to have a certain time period to be able to do inspections and investigate the property further. This will include the general area and neighborhood, to find issues that you may not aware of and most home buyers are going to do anywhere from one to perhaps four or five inspections, depending on the type of property and area it’s located.

With that being said, each different type of home will require different type of inspections. Most homes are going to require at minimum a home inspection. This is one of the more intense inspections and an inspector will come out from anywhere from about an hour and half to about four hours sometimes longer depending on the size of the home. They're going to go through all the electrical systems including breakers and panels, as well as all of the plumbing. If there's any leaks, water pressure, certain valves, things like that that will impact the plumbing as a whole. They’re also going to inspect the roof, going up on top make sure there are no substantial issues and typically taking a picture to add to their report in case anything stands out as a concern.

One last thing we’re going to inspect is the overall exterior of the home to see if there are major issues such dry rot, siding, windows, any of the doors that are malfunctioning things like that. If the home has a crawl space, inspectors are going to go under the home and they're also going to be looking at the attic as well. That is usually going to be the more time-consuming inspections that we’ll have. From there, we’ll have pest inspection which is usually about a half hour to an hour.  The pest inspectors will look through the exterior of the home and interior of the home, they look at plumbing, the attic, and crawl spaces to look for any dry rot, termite or other pest issues. Depending on the age, area, and any concern with underground roots, there’s a sewer inspection. A lot of buyers will often opt for it especially with older homes or home a lot of trees on the property. This inspection can typically take a half hour or an hour.

Overall these are the main inspections you can anticipate and if you have the more unique property, there will be different and additional inspections, but overall, those are the ones you can expect to be able to have going into your escrow. These inspections are paid for by the buyer unless there are pre-negotiated contract to be paid for by the seller. Some loans will require inspections to be paid by certain parties as well so just make sure you communicate that with your agent.

If you have any question about the inspection process, please feel free to reach out.