Have you ever been scrolling online or on social media and ran by some piece of advertising that caught your interest? It may have been something about the product itself, what they were selling or maybe just something entertaining but just caught your interest in general? It made you click on their ad, perhaps go to their website, or requests information to follow up. That's the key difference when you're marketing your home. A very large portion of real estate agents will put a sign in your front yard and put it online in our Metrolist system but that's it. There are many additional marketing strategies they can do to really make a home stand out and make the marketing really work while it's bringing buyers to your listing to make sure that your home stands out to all the other buyers that are available.

Why is your home so important and what makes it so special? It may be similar to the other homes in the neighborhood. It may be a tracked home in a regular development. Or it may be a very unique home and may be custom built with some unique features. The main objective when we're highlighting a property with our marketing is getting traction, getting eyes on your home and getting great exposure for your home and ultimately getting buyers in the doors. There are several different ways we can do this and several different ways we can push out but the main goal is getting it in front of the buyers who are interested and can afford your home.

One of the more common ways we can do it is through social media and advertising online. Oftentimes your home will go out to all of your major websites such as Zillow and Redfin. You can also advertise it to different places like Craigslist and other smaller listing services but it's often times the use of social media marketing, that's making a significant difference and getting the homes sold.

Many folks are on social media and when you're doing this of marketing and getting this kind of exposure, it really helps drive traffic to your home. It really makes a significant difference to other all buyers. When they see your home, they want to be able to view your home and when they view your home, we try to set things so that they'll enjoy your home as soon as they drive up to the curb. If you do have questions and if you're talking to an agent about marketing and listing your home, make sure you ask them what are they doing other than putting the property up on our Metrolist system and putting a sign in the front yard. If you do have questions or are looking to sell your home, make sure you reach out!