In today’s generation, we just can’t help but share some exciting news on social media, especially when you have your own new house! Who wouldn’t want to share that kind of achievement on social media?! Buying a new home is a huge deal for anyone, particularly first-time homeowners. The feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment is riled up inside and you just can’t wait to tell everyone about it. Before clicking the share button and sharing your home with everyone, we have some information for when and how to use social media wisely.


Share all the great photos of your new place. You don’t have to be a professional photographer when capturing your favorite spot of the house. Keep it simple and beautiful at the same time. Maybe show off some of your home’s unique and cool features.


Use Pinterest, Houzz, Google or any other creative sites for some photo inspiration. If you want your home to turn out amazing with your personalization, you can look for inspiration on the internet. From cute arrangements to what angle is best for the final photo are small details that make a huge difference when showcasing your new digs. Just don’t get too attached in the perfect arrangement you see online and get disappointed thinking about why yours is not the same as the one on the image. It’s good to see amazing homes and how they are set up but it’s also amazing to put your own unique spin on it. Remember that decorating your home is a story you want to write and tell people about it. 


Name your house! Yes, you read that correctly. Naming your house is not a weird thing to do. House naming is a normal thing these days and if you want to sell your house in the future a great name for it might even help you sell it. House names, for example, can be a name of your favorite movie star, a unique catchphrase, or after your favorite vacation place, it doesn’t matter because it’s yours!


Make sure you have fun on social media but also make sure you are using it to your advantage once you have your new home. It can be a fun place to express yourself and also share your new space with friends and family!