If you are thinking about selling your home, what condition do you plan to put your home on the market in? I am here today with Aaron Lewis who is a fantastic home inspector with BPG inspections and one preferred inspectors when inspecting our homes. He will share useful tips to follow before the home inspection part of your home selling process.

I believe one of the main things to focus on during your home selling process include the things that can potentially hang up your transaction and a big one for that is just access. If we, the realtor or home inspector, are not able to access something in the home for inspection it that can potentially scare the buyer and get them nervous. This will result in delaying your transactions because you will need to provide them an access and will have to come back out to reinspect that area, so make sure to address this kind of problem ahead of time,” Aaron said. “When we have clients buying homes we often run into areas we are not able to access such as garages, certain rooms or storage areas which greatly limit what we can inspect.

“Take attics, for example, sometimes these are located in closets where personal belongings are or any part of the home where you are storing a lot of personal belongings. If we are not able to get a ladder in there to access it, then space needs to be cleared ahead of time. We are not going to move personal belongings for risk of a liability. Another example are garages. It is a common place we use when trying to get ready to move. You store a lot of boxes and personal belongings there and frequently in many garages, we find the water heaters, the furnaces, and then some of the newer homes we had had the main water shut off in there and other things. If we are not again, able to inspect these critical components of the home, things can be delayed.

Another big one is the access to particular rooms of the house that might be locked for some the reason. Secondary structures are also of concern. If there is a detached shed or a guest house, a lot of times people won’t think about having access to them ready. So just make sure that everything is unlocked and speaking of locks themselves, keeping them unlocked on electric panels and any other access panels that we might need to get into it should be taken care of before the actual home inspection.” Aaron added.

If you are looking to list your home make sure that you keep an eye out for those specific items just make things a little bit smoother. They are small items that can be unexpected but make a huge difference in time and convenience. I look forward listing your home as well and help ensure you have a smooth escrow!