Hi there! I just want to share some useful information for all my homeowners out there that are thinking about possibly selling their home in the future.

As a realtor, I scroll through Metro list all day to look at homes and I go see them in person. The interesting thing that I notice is that the photos of the homes for sale leave the biggest impact to the buyers.

When buyers look online for the homes they want to buy, the first thing that they will see are the photographs of the different homes in which only the most appealing leave a great first impression to the buyer. And in this business, first impressions are very important because it can ultimately lead to deals being created between the buyer and seller. Photos of the homes that are posted in the market can be a buyer’s only basis in assessing about a home and can potentially encourage them to look at in person.  They are the second most important part of selling your home after picking the right price. Therefore, when folks seem like they are just driving around the neighbourhood, they are most likely looking online and trying to find out if the homes they see are actually for sale. With that being said the photos are going to stand out for them in a huge way. 

Most sellers or listing agent are tempted to use their mobile phones in taking the photos of their homes because of course it’s easy and almost everybody has one. However, using it is not very suited for your marketing piece. This is because when compared to professional photos, phone pictures can have a lower quality especially when used by an amateur. I often see a good portion of photos that are done on cell phones come out blurry, too dark or too light. You'll see a lot of different common issues on them. So one thing that we could do to prevent this from happening to your home and to really make sure that your home is marketed in the best light that we possibly can is to hire a professional photographer. 

A professional photographer is someone that does the best job in producing photographs that will best represent the greatest qualities of your home. They will come spend a couple hours in your home to capture multiple photos in multiple angles. They will then edit them for several hours to make sure that your home really stands out from the other homes on the block. I also attend these photo sessions to ensure they come out just right and to help adjust things. When it comes down to the actual marketing of your home, the photos are going to really help us to get a home sold! Using professional photos can draw more attention to your home and result in more potential buyers viewing your home. Although more potential buyers are seeing it, this does not guarantee a sale. Reaching more buyers with your home betters your chance of finding the right buyer. 

With all of the competition on the market, it is important to have professional photos especially if you will list the home is listed in a higher price bracket.

I always ensure and pay for professional photos for my clients to ensure they get the best marketing possible. If you do have questions, please feel free to reach out. I just wanted to share this bit of useful information for all my homeowners out there. I look forward talk with you soon. Thank you