Meet Your team!

Mike Nichols

Our leader.

The man who carries our vision at Nichols Realty forward every single day.

His marketing and technological background help to take our real estate company into the future, which means you experience better results faster.

 Mike is a gifted leader and a knowledgeable man with a deep love and affection for his hometown of Sacramento.

In the three short years he's been in the real estate business, he has already paved an impressive track record for himself. His team's combined 15-years of experience is only setting Mike up for further accelerated success. Selling multi-million-dollar properties, land, investments, condominiums, and residential homes, Mike is definitely an A-plus player in the real estate game.

Keller Williams Realty awarded him their Silver Award for production in 2015. Earning that honor only stirred him up even more, and he went on to receive Keller Williams’ Gold Award in 2016. These were pivotal years in Mike’s career and for Nichols Realty, as Mike also earned the Masters Club Award. He and his team are enjoying a massive upswing and a booming business thanks to amazing clients like you!



Kathy Sprague

Our team leans on Kathy a lot. We know her keen knowledge and insight into the real estate industry helps keep us on point. She is an experienced transaction coordinator with an extensive background in real estate. 

She makes sure our paper trails are covered, and she reviews every single document in our office. Kathy’s job is complex, detailed and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves developing relationships with our clients and knows communication can make a significant impact in their lives. 

Count on Kathy’s imprint on each deal we do.



Paul Cary

A jack-of-all-trades. That is how Paul is seen by our team, and he earns that title over and over again.

To begin with, he has an incredible base of knowledge in real estate, boasting more than 13 years of experience in California and Texas with a background covering pretty much any type of property you’re looking to either sell, purchase, or make an investment into.

Our team uses Paul’s skills as a photographer and videographer to put together irresistible packages for clients. When it comes to listings or marketing, we entrust him to get the job done professionally.



Jay Cubao

Handling multiple aspects of our business is an everyday occurrence for Jay. 

He works really hard on her mile-long list of ongoing tasks for our team and has a great knack for simplifying the vast multitude of numbers for the team and our clients. 

Without someone like Jay on our team, we’d be scrambling to find key data and statistics. Thankfully, his work and dedication keep every one of our team members on track.