Imagine, you're walking through a home, you're viewing it for the first time. Somebody still lives there, but you see all the appliances there. Dishwasher still in the counter, the stove is still in its place, a refrigerator is still there, and then you have the washer and dryer of course. Just because those appliances are there though, does not mean that they're necessarily included with the home. A dishwasher, were it is built in, is going to be left with the property, and won’t be as much of a concern since it is a build in appliance, but the stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer are going to be something you will want to address in your offer to make sure that they either are included with the property or that they're excluded from the property once you close. If there are any doubts, be sure to put it in writing — and be specific. Make sure that "existing" appliances are their included, or excluded in your original offer to avoid confusion later on.

This can oftentimes be a concern at the time of closing where someone thinks appliances are again being included or excluded and it turns out they are or not. These things can raise a concern and create a less than exciting closing time. When writing your offer, there is a point in the offer agreement that you can write in what appliances will be included and which not be included in. When you do a counter offer, make sure you also keep an eye out for the appliances because those can be countered out or included in a typical negotiation.

Typically when we're viewing a vacant home where we see all the appliances installed but obviously nobody is living there or they've already removed out of the property, those appliances are generally included with it upon closing. However it's always good to clarify which appliances are going to be included or excluded, and they can always be negotiated in your offer.

When you're writing the contract, you're viewing the home, make sure that you keep in mind that 'yes you do want these appliances' or 'no you do not want these appliances'. For sellers, make sure that you understand where your new home will be, will you need a new refrigerator, stove, washer, and dryer at your new home or would it be easier or more efficient to purchase those at the new location? These questions can be helpful to understand before you put your home on the market! If you are looking to buy or sell a home and you're trying to figure out the appliances, make sure you reach out and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.