We want to ask you a question.


Have you been going through your life wondering if you’re meant for a more meaningful career?

We’ve had many, many people ask us how they can start their own career in real estate.


From our experience, we can gladly say joining the ranks of those in real estate is a solid decision.


We have learned a lot from many people. We are honored to consider them mentors and friends. Their vast knowledge has helped us to go beyond any limitations we had put on our business.


Isn’t it time for you to start a new career in real estate?


If you’re wondering whether you should take the leap and reach out to one of our reps, please take note of these points when considering your new role with eXp Realty:


-We offer rock-bottom commission cap structures.

-There are no franchise or royalty fees.

-We deliver 20-plus hours of training and coaching every week and give you access to a large “how to” video library to expand your education.

-You’ll have agent ownership.

-All agents receive EXPI stock after selling their first home, after capping, and enjoy several other opportunities as well.

-We offer a revenue-sharing model, and retirement and long-term strategies for agents.

-You’ll receive a package of online marketing tools for your business, including your own website.



Cloud Brokerage - The Wave of the Future


We’re changing the way, and the face, of how agents, brokers, and consumers work together through a nifty new technology called a Cloud Brokerage. What is this?


-It creates a collaborative community of like-minded individuals.

-It provides a path for interacting with top real estate professionals around the world.

-It cancels out many expenditures, which allows additional funds to be shared with the Cloud Brokerage’s agents.



Top-quality support


All along your path, you will receive great support from many people. And we will make sure to get the bases covered. Take a look at this extensive list:


-New agent services.

-Transaction and administration help.

-Marketing and technology.

-Business development.

-Team building practices.

-Peer-to-Peer help and support.

-Mentoring and upline guidance.

-Agent, Team, and Broker collaboration.

-Executive support.



Transactions Made Anytime, Anywhere


These are the days of the laptop lifestyle, and now, even real estate agents can manage business from their home office. From the beach? You bet. From another country? No problem.


No matter your choice, all your business and transaction needs are literally right at your fingertips (and on your lap!) We’ve made it easy to work in today’s virtual world. You may ask how this works and what is provided, so we prepared this list just to clarify any important questions you might have. No more worries about:


-Paperless transactions.

-Revenue sharing.

-Transaction support.

-Agent onboarding.

-Company financials

-Legal administration.



Marketing and technology needs


All agents who work with us get the sweet opportunity to receive top-of-the-line marketing and technology support.


Our in-house group, Working the Magic (WTM), provides this type of help all the time.


If you need any assistance at all, simply open a support ticket or visit the Cloud Office to get an immediate response.


What does this type of support include? Check out our inclusive list:


-Your own company email.

-A Cloud office.

-Toll-free and fax numbers.

-WordPress hosting services.

-Kunversion and Commissions Inc. IDX/CRM.

-Group workshops.


Has everything you’ve read excited and interested you?


If so, then NOW is the time to implement and take action.

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